What is this blog and why does it exist?

The first answer is straightforward enough. This is a blog dedicated to showcasing the numerous female soldiers that have existed throughout history, providing brief accounts of their lives and the roles they played in the theatre of war.

The second answer is much more important. This project was created because many people are ignorant of the role played by women in the history of war. Most people believe that women have rarely had military roles or that women fighting on the battlefield is a very recent occurrence. There is also a common belief that women are ‘naturally’ incapable of violence.

None of this is true and these misconceptions need to be corrected. Countless women have fought in every war in human history and they deserve to be recorded and remembered. It’s also important to correct the patriarchal narrative that women do not possess the capacity for violence, as this undermines female agency and creates a false portrayal of women as weak and unheroic.

I hope that this blog will serve as an educational tool toward these ends and that people will find it engaging and interesting.


Who are you?

My name is Callum Rae. I'm a writer from London with a passion for, along with other things, history and feminism.